Thursday, November 8, 2012

Update and Elemental Bags

Just a quick note, concerning The Ancient Gender War, Part 2, Matrilineal Cultures and the Many Genders, I am still dealing with a move, with all my books and research in boxes in storage. As soon as I am able to get the move completed (3 months in transition so far), Part 2 will be finished and launched.

On another note, due to requests for smaller textile bags, in a size that reflect a wide diversity of beliefs, such as medicine, talisman, totem, amulet type bags, I have launched Elemental Bags - for custom made bags, in a wide variety of materials and styles, reflective of each individual need. Each bag is constructed with at least one component that reflects each of the 4 Classical Elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. I like to look at them as a "focus" bag, helping you to make those necessary connections with your environment and to focus on whatever you would like to concentrate your thoughts or energies on. 

 Su asti is the Sanskrit for “well being”. The Navajo's use the phrase yo'zho' – harmony, to walk in beauty. Taoism refers to the Tao te Ching – the Way of Nature, their whole basis for balance and harmony. The Hopi refer to this balanced way with nature as the Hopiqatsitwi – the Hopi Way. Regardless of the name, the healing principle of balance with nature is the same.

Elemental Bags are artistry in natural Healing

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