The Revolutionary

My name is Kathryn QannaYahu (an organic dark chocolate addict). My father always called me a zealot, rabble rouser, shit stirrer. I prefer the label - revolutionary or activist. No longer am I walking on eggshells, apologizing for the fact that my research pisses some people off. With that in mind,  I have decided to reach out to a broader audience, using the shotgun effect - and hopefully rattle a hell of a lot more cages in the process. I am a researcher of archaeology, ancient linguistics and writing systems, paleo and comparative belief systems, and ancient history. In a sense I am an ancient tracker, I follow the trails of the ancient ones. My goal is to heal history and work towards an egalitarian culture.

I am an artist (primarily textiles, but also gourds, metal and wood) and website designer. By nature I am a very intense researcher of ancient linguistics and writings systems, comparative and paleo mythology/belief systems, archaeoastronomy, archaeology, and ancient history.

This compulsion led to the creation of the website and first book, Worthless Deities in the Hebrew Text. That research led to a second book (in progress), Historical Baggage: Healing History. This research and data wasnt a job, it was an obsessive following of many paths that eventually had a personal application. The results of my research changed my life, set me free as a woman, most importantly, as a person. I share some of the archaeology or some linguistics, the reason being, I believe that information is transformational. I have been healed, strengthened, empowered by a long lineage of ancient egalitarian cultures. 

I saw a quote by a Zuni student many years ago - "When the legends die, dreams die also. And when dreams die, there is no greatness. And when there is not greatness, who will suffer the most? Well, I will tell you, the people. The people who dont know their own shadows, and cannot see their visions clearly. And the ones who dont know themselves pretty well. But someday when you stop and think, you'll see the real image of yourself and the ones that were before you and then you'll see." That is how I feel about the research I do, revealing the ancient egalitarians so that we can see our real image.

My passions include the natural side of life. I am an herbalist, conservationist, outstanding cook and permaculture gardener, researching and implementing sustainable living practices. I am driven to learn ancient skills, so I spin, weave, sew; work with gourds and basketry; wood and metal work.

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